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P&V2014Legato Networker
NBB2010Unix/Linux hardening,CCBM2, Netbackup,IAM,Kickstart Installation
Comverse2010C-ONE Integration and Deployment
Comverse2006-2009Network VLAN HLD,W2000 upgrade to W2003 sp1,Number portability,Legato Networker 7.x Integration,Multilink Nigeria Platform Support Handover
MACH2000-2005Hardware Upgrade and Data Migration,Billing Production move from Belgium to Luxembourg
Interfact2001-2005Solaris Hardening (ssh),SMS Alerting(gnokii),Legato Networker 6.x Integration
Globalport2000-2003Number Portability,QA Environment Integration,Monitoring Tool Integration (Sun Management Center)
Gecotec1997-2000Unattended Implementation for Windows NT,Windows 3.11/for Workgroup Migration to Windows NT4.0,Y2K ATP